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Antique Cookbooks


My mother is a big collector of antique cookbooks. She loves cooking of all sorts and is mainly into recreating old recipes from cookbooks from a long time ago. Itís always great going to eat when she has cooked Ė you get a history lesson alongside some fantastic food as she always tells you what era and area the food has come from.

Anyways, itís here birthday coming up and I figured Iíd buy her a couple of books to build her collection up and bag me some tasty food into the bargain . I found a great website with antique cookbooks for sale and am going to buy a couple of nice books as a present for her. This Detroit MI Times cookbook looks interesting:

There are quite a lot of others to choose from though, so the question is which era of cooking do people enjoy the most? Are there any classic must-have recipe books from say the 20ís and 30ís? Or even from later periods like the 60ís and 70ís that I should be thinking of picking up?

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