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Re: my 2 kids have never had a date. What is wrong with them?

There is no rush to be in any love relationships and whats wrong with waiting?.I have told my sons that having mulitple partners does not teach you any more than the next person. They need to be taught about who is a good person,one without drama,or problems....someone normal......I told my son he was not allowed to get involved with this girl he was messaging at 16,because he was too young,and she was clearly a drama queen going on about all her drama at home and wanting him to be secretive etc. We need to steer them in the right direction in the first place.I dont believe in sexual relationships too young and not at 16. My son told me his friend and his girlfriend at school are now expecting a baby and she is about to turn 16 and the boy is 16 just. They now have to face a big life decision,and this has happened after being together 2 years.Apparently his parents arent around much and hes allowed to do whatever he wants,and shes over at his house all the time....well thats now backfired......they also waited till she was 3 months pregnant to visit the school nurse for a pregnancy test,and now they are considering an abortion which is very sad....they were under the impression that its not really a baby that small at 3 months.....I reminded my son a baby has a heartbeat at 8 weeks. It makes me angry when parents dont do their jobs.
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