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Re: My mother hates my brothers girlfriend

Thank you for the lovely replies. I read them and while doing so nodded my head. It's great to get an insight. So he's acting out because he's feeling smothered by our mother. That makes a lot of sense. However, it doesn't explain why he's distant with me. I have my own life. I'm busy with work more often than not and I do my own thing. I don't smother him.

Things came to a head really this weekend for me. He got up out of bed yesterday and came to look for food and I asked him 'did he sleep well?' and he hardly answered me. He just grunted and fled back to his room.

Over the past few months I tried talking to him and asking things like
Did he sleep well,
Did you have a good day,
Did you enjoy your night (if he was out the night before),
I'm going for a walk to the shop-do you want anything?

Little things like that. Never question after question from me by the way. Each and every time smacked back in my face with a grunt or a mumble and that's it.

I'm sad how things have came to this where he doesn't want to speak to me or even know me any more. I came to tears today and I don't understand. We didn't have any major row or anything for him to shun me like this.
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