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Re: Right or wrong and what to do?

Originally Posted by KayKay View Post
What options are available in your culture other than to learn to live with it?

I think you have learned some valuable lessons, and I will add to that (depending on your tradition in your culture) as long as you are being pragmatic to also screen the parents of your future spouse so that they don't end up being a problem in the future.
Hmm, I guess what you meant here, KayKay, other than being tolerant, what other options do I have? Well, I did advise him once nicely about something and he went ballistic. He never liked being wronged even if it's true. I tried respecting him but sometimes I exploded because it's his habit to find fault with his children...Except his. I guess I need to work out my patience meter.

Because he prefers the company of an ignorant, he in the end becomes one :L There is a quote I heard in a radio from a scholar:

' You can be a good person but the good knowledge that you have cannot protect you from the bad people you mingle with. You'll eventually become them.'

'You can be an ignorant/bad person but if you mingle with the good people, they will show you the way and you'll finally become a good person.'

Find people who will lead you to self-improvement.

I'm not saying that i'm a good person nor do I know if i'm a bad person. Like I said before my dad chose to be this way. I don't want to be like him nor like that woman. He got his own life and I got mine. I'll forge my own life other than be troubled with his. Sometimes I cried because I don't want my dad to die as a bad person. :'(
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