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Worried About My Mom - Help?

Hi, I'm Peter, but you can call me Peachy, since it's the "cute" form of my name in my native language. I'm 17.

I'll go straight to the point - I'm worried about my mom. She has been feeling more and more lonely lately, "bored" as she calls it.

The biggest form of entertainment is her TV, my grandma and my dad. She does have a few friends (3), but they don't talk all that much.

My mom and granny talk every day, which is great, but what will my mom do, when my grandma won't be here anymore?

Then there is my daddy, but my mum usually sits at the table, looking at nothing or through the window waiting for my dad to come from work. It's really sad to see.
When my dad comes from work though, they usually go drink coffee together, for about an hour, and after that my dad goes to his second job (in the garage) and my mom returns and watches TV but gets bored again...
Mom and dad are on very good terms though, and I'm glad for that.

She has almost no hobbies, not many people to talk to, gets "bored" and depressed frequently and i'm honestly worried about her. I'm trying to talk to her more and more but she doesn't answer me much...

I'm scared of the future. What if she ends up with absolutely no one to talk to? Except for my dad, but I told you the situation.
Also I definitely want to move to another country when I graduate from college, but will want to chat and call her frequently.

Sorry if this doesn't make a whole lot of sense and feels rushed, it's 3 am where I am right now. I'm also honestly not in the right place mentally; I've been diagnosed with medium(mild? dunno the word) depression and anxiety, but I don't really care about myself, I want to make my mom happy, since I love her.

My question is if there's something I could do... any idea would be appreciated
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