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Re: Worried About My Mom - Help?

I agree with KayKay that you canít be responsible for your mums happiness. This is a very hard lesson to accept (Iím still trying).

Itís lovely that you care so much about her and want to try to help her feel better. Maybe you could offer her some suggestions and encouragement to seek more satisfaction in her life. Ultimately the choice will be hers, and she may not be willing to try anything-but doing this may let you feel youíve given what support you can.

You mentioned you had been diagnosed with depression-has your Mum been diagnosed with this too? If not it might be something to have checked-with the boredom sheís been feeling. My mum has depression-and I remember her just wanting to sleep a lot of the time.

You say you donít really care about yourself...even though youíve been diagnosed with some challenging conditions. Maybe spending some time focusing on yourself and learning strategies to help with your depression and anxiety will give you more insight into how to support your Mum, and leave you in a better stronger position to do so too. Like KayKay said.

What things help you?

Maybe seeing you do things to help yourself will even encourage your Mum to do the same for herself.

Does your mum have any interests that she could developed into hobbies? Or are there any community groups around that she could join to meet people? Places she enjoys going? Are there things you and she enjoy doing together that could benefit you both?
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