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Re: arrrgggg! DM


DM's speech patterns get under my skin need to ....

.... you should do ..... (instead of what I did)

I'll be honest, I left the house ... I'm fed up with things

she'd gone shopping with DH and when they got back, she told me I needed to help him with getting the groceries in ... didn't bother me as I was on my way anyway - and she'd said that she'd picked up a lot of extra stuff (yea!!!)

then, when I was putting away the groceries, she stood in the kitchen watching me - then tells me I can put the turnips in the fridge (I did need to know where she wanted them), but then tells me to put the (fresh) green beans in too, and to put the ice-cream bars in the freezer.

She may have just been looking to talk - who knows, but the way she words things is as if you're unable to do it without being told.

I'll admit - I told her I could put things away without her telling me where to put them. She mimicked me (about putting things away) and said that I was mean and heaven forbid if anyone gets in (snafu's) kitchen.

I yelled back at her and left the house.

... now here I sit/post....
once burned, twice shy

He who ignores history is condemed to repeat it!
(it also means you weren't smart enough to learn from your mistakes )
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