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Re: What would you do?

Thanks everyone!

I didn't handle that situation the right way. I didn't mention that she e-mailed me the note, and she also e-mailed two other people at the same time. I don't know what I was thinking. I should have e-mailed her back, but I didn't want to insult her or embarrass her. Bad decision.

If it were one or two little errors I would have let them slide and not thought again about it. This particular note was just chock full of mistakes. She has sent out flyers/notes in the past which were of the "who cares" genre. My attitude is that anyone who complains about the work a parent volunteer is doing at the school needs to keep their trap shut or volunteer to do it next time. So back in the day when our kids were in 1st grade... well WHO CARES if there's a misspelling on a note about a Valentine party, kwim? My SM used to tell me that it's the height of bad manners to point out other people's bad manners and I applied that to the note when I shouldn't have. I think the world of my friend and don't think about her loose handle on the English language.

Now our kids are older (Jr. High) and there has been an influx of kids into our school from other schools. These new parents don't know my friend, and don't know that she runs a successful computer repair business and is generous and kind and a hard-worker and will do ANYTHING for ANYONE. I guess I was worried what those new people would think of my friend, but I shouldn't CARE what they think. If anyone is tacky enough to mention the note, I'll be sure to let them know all about how wonderful the author is.

She must have used spell-check, but sometimes spell-check comes up with the wrong option for you. I often offer to do stuff for her, but this was an e-mail that had to come from her.

The funny thing is that probably very few people will even notice the mistakes! The message was clear, and that's the point I guess. It's just me who (as HHH would say) has that stick up my you-know-what (not part of my Halloween costume! LOL)
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