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Re: new "diet"

Is not going as planned.

Problems limiting my favorite foods and cannot commit to paleo, keto, etc. I cheat like crazy because I love buttered baguettes. (dipped in an Italian dressing, some melted pecorino on top is great!)

I did stop fries/potato chips/tortilla chips in any shape and form after learning about acrylamides - which are also in coffee *less in Arabica they will off gas if you leave unused coffee open? Mine is open
Of course my fave bread has those acryl things. I guess just about any thing baked/roasted. So I limit the amount I eat. .....And complain about it to everyone. like now (red faced emoji here)
I really was going to go high - carb. bought a TON of potatoes - purple, gold and am sure to rinse white rice to get rid of the PHYTIC acids (which is another awful occurring thing). Until I read:

Fried potatoes have the highest amount of cancer acrylamides.

Rinse cut up potatoes and boil or steam/mash them. (fine! wait, Starbucks must be warned in California because of coffee? How about that place with the arches and those sugared fries that kids are fed quite a bit in happy meals? Selective bullying? imo)

Then there are: Lectins. The Great Glycemic Index. Oxalates? (is that what caused that awful kidney stone?)

what can be eaten safely?

Dairy? Bad. Spinach, bad. Soy is gmo. Corn is mostly gmo cattle feed and spikes insulin - would rather have bread for that spike. There goes THAT red wine! Limit wild caught salmon/cod types of fish due to mercury. Find LOCAL caught. Processed sugar is awful.

FINE! I'll eat a few pieces of lettuce, with some bread and drink a ton of filtered water or medicinal tea. Green tea is healthy - depending on WHERE it is grown. hmmm. didn't know that. Hawaii grows green tea! $$$

ok, FINE. I need chocolate. this is depressing.

Filtered water, some bread and lettuce it is!! First, chocolate.
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