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Re: Friends who need help

Lucy, did she ask you to come be with her? Do you know if she even contacted anyone else?
We all have that stuff going on in life - that causes people to guess/wonder

Perhaps there is a strained relationship within the family.

I pretty much have no contact with the majority of sibs. Since my parents were raging alcoholics, the last thing I would ever do is have them get in a car... but recently I did call a sister - we barely have any contact. I thought aneurysm.
I could not stand or walk without extreme dizzy. Couldn't even sit! OR, a middle ear/infection? I called sis. She lives maybe 2 miles away. The dx was vertigo. "ok doc, wait - could it be the sinus thing I have had for a month?" Never checked that. EKG said I am fit as a whatever, was handed a script for vertigo and sent on my way - still dizzy. Still feeling sick. I researched sinus infection which I did have, that seemed to have moved to become an abcess in my gum line on same side of face! Painful!! Put myself on amoxicillin and tons of microbiome stuff. The pain is gone. No fever. No dizzy. (No reason to have drains, a slew of vacks, surgery, etc.)

She may not even be hypochondrial-ish. As for Not liking hospitals - that is ME. Or doctors, etc. I am on that FORCED medical care or I will be FINED. I have spent MUCH--ALOT-- of time and MONEY to take care of myself: diet/exercise/sleep/relaxation/ have it all come undone with their brand of pharmaceutical care? Mmmm, nope! Unless I am unconscious, and well I will get what I get.

( I understand I might need this plan for the what ifs, but staying healthy has become a real thing for me. I have eyes checked - dental check ups. ANd I do understand that people need to see many doctors. Fine. Ok. I might too, if I do start a bleed in the head or whatever. I do NOT abuse the system. I needed it for a ONCE in a lifetime kidney stone in 2014. I am cautious with diet and hydration and even supplement. I take my bp, basic blood panel and stay on top of what my body is telling me.)

You are a GREAT friend, Lucy.

I was once the go to ER driver for the family, pets, too. Just because I wanted to. Your friend may have the beginning a a depressive episode. Lonely. I am not sure.

Did she share what the diagnosis was?
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