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Am I overthinking?

Hi everyone this post might seem long so let me get to the point. I have been best friends with this girl since high school and we hung out every single day we had such a good friendship. I moved away from the area and we no longer kept in touch. She did come and visit my apartment once but other than that we fell off. Since I have moved back I tried to get in contact with her as I saw she was pregnant and I told her how I felt that I would like to get in contact with her again. Since then she has invited me to her birthday party and her baby shower but unfortunately I worked on those days. I let her know ahead of time and wished her the best and that we should make plans soon. She recently had her baby and I contacted her to hang out she said I could pick a day and I did and I got no text back. Two weeks ago I contacted her again just to see how she was and she asked me how I was doing and I told her a couple things as well that I am searching for a new job.

She immediately says that she needs a nanny. I said of course I would and the next day she came over to my house and brought her son and introduced me to him and we chatted. After that I watched her son for a week and she hesitated on paying me I felt but I let it go and she ended up paying me a couple days after I was "meant" to be paid. The day before I was supposed to pick up her son she told me she got fired from her new job. I was devastated of course because I fell it was a good opportunity to reconnect with her and be a part of her and her sons life as we expressed how we would do all these things earlier in our friendship. I don't know if I'm overthinking but I kind of feel like she might be upset that I'm spending more time with her son than her and I'm doing all this fun stuff with him. After she told me she got fired I told her I'm so sorry and I hope everything works out and a week later I asked her if she wanted to hang out soon and no text back. It seem like she doesn't want to hang out with me and she just wanted me to be her nanny and then said that she got fired. I know she's busy with the new kid but I was looking forward to rebuilding the relationship with her and I'm not going to bug anyone but I just feel like she just doesn't want to hang out? I know I didn't do anything wrong. so what are your opinions?
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