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Re: My MIL hates me

Originally Posted by piper34 View Post
Well thats part of the problem. My husband always either is a deer in headlights and never says a word or he hugs her and says mom lets change the subject when she is telling lies. He says he loves his parents and doesn't understand why they dont like me but confronting them wont change them so why should he do it. It hurts my feelings so deeply and we have had major arguments about it for years and have been on the verge of divorce many times. I always back away from divorce b/c he is an excellent father and husband and I shouldn't let this one disagreement and person get in the way of what I have. He also says its just normal for her to always do the opposite of what i ask her to with our kids, thats mother in laws for you he says. He was upset when the kids came home several times with hives and when she took them out of town without our permission AND when my son fell from a bridge (yes a bridge) and cut his head open and needed stitches and did not call us and DID NOT take him to the ER. We had to take him the next day! In fact, she brought him home 7 hours later still covered in blood with a concussion saying "We had a great time today!!". I threatened to divorce him and almost did when he didn't say anything to them then!!! I lost my mind and she started crying. My husband got mad at me! My husband is 6'3'' and 280lbs and just, i dont know, weird and cowardly when it comes to his parents. I just dont know what else to do.
Okay, piper34, this is alarming.

Next time your children have annual checkups with their pediatrician, you talk to their doctor about this. I am frankly stunned that the hospital didn't report y'all to Child Protective Services to open an inquiry about this. You could have your children taken away from you. Do you not realize that??? If your kids are in school (or when they get there) the teachers are mandated reporters and they will know that your kids are being hurt and suspect you for hurting them. If your kids are in school, talk to the teachers/principal/school counselor and ask for help.

You are so, so wrong that he is an excellent father. An "excellent" father would NOT allow this to happen. And you are also so, so wrong that he is an "excellent" husband. An excellent husband would not be mad at his wife for being upset when his mother physically abuses their child.

It is not "normal" for mother in laws to do this. Absolutely not.

Forget marriage counseling. YOU go to counseling. You need help growing a titanium spine to protect your kids. They are in danger. Your husband should be the one doing it, but he's obviously got his own issues. He's more scared of his mom than he is of you, and you have to change that.

Your husband is right that confronting his parents won't change them, but for the love of Pete... he is putting HIS KIDS in harm's way to placate his mom? No. THAT IS ABUSE. It is his parents abusing him, and it is him abusing your kids.

Stop worrying about your MIL hating you and start worrying about your MIL killing your kids. Stop being mad at your husband for not confronting them. Start being mad at him for making you try and play happy families with them and endangering your kids. You have a choice.

And next time your MIL takes the kids out of town without your permission? You call the police. I don't care how mad your husband gets. You need documentation that the children are not in your care when they "fall" from bridges.
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