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Re: National School Walkout

I'm inclined to be in agreement with Lucy. Yes values need to be instilled in all kids to be kinder to each other and not bully but this is a seperate issue from gun safety and control.

Bullying may be a symptom towards an enraged child or adult who goes on such a murderous rampage but the method of doing so has become so easily accessible. People have a harder time (in the UK at least) to purchase pills to OD than people in the US have to purchase a gun. 13 yo kids have been proven to be able to walk into a store and porches a gun but been refused a lottery ticket! Yes there are laws in place to ban underage kids from gambling or drinking etc. So why are guns not given the same consideration.

As for teaching children they have to abide by and follow rules, in today's society it's more a case of do as I say, not as I do. Too many people in power are just plainly and blatantly abusing laws and rules and people they deem to be below them. Kids today are seeing that it's ok for people to be bullied and abused. Adults are receiving validation from the President and senators no less that is ok to be racist and facist and xenophobic and mysogynistic etc. Are these the people we really want the kids to conform to?

I applaud these kids. I'm in awe of these kids they ARE standing up to bullies on a much bigger play ground. These are the kids that need to be representative of our future and give hope that we don't have to resign ourselves to be under the rule of the current leaders we have. If they can pull this off without guns being involved, without any violence on their part and get heard by the world then I think they are our amazing and inspirational role models of the future.
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