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Re: gout "meat" suggestions

Originally Posted by snafu View Post
I really, really need tasty suggestions for DM ....

she can't have red meat, poultry, and only some fish (no shell fish either)

does anyone know if ostrich is low fat?

yummy tofu recipes that taste like meat?

the only way DM can stand Boca "burger" is if its made into chili/pasta

... oh yeah ... and she has to limit her dried beans (so no lentil soup)
My DH has gout...we tend to have pasta's alot...and in place of meat he is able to eat mushrooms so we add those to the sauce...alot of cheese ravioli or tortellini...egg plant well as in lasagna. The fish we find he can eat no problem is salmon and talpia. Now I have made fish tacos, fish for the meat in stir fry, fish enchiladas, fish burritos, for a main dish alternative we do stuffed acorn squash... we have been able to have stew with beef if the beef was grilled well done...and then cooked forever the next day to get tender again. DH read that cooking the meat well done assists in taking some of the purine count out of the food. For an entire pot of stew I only used one sirloin steak so the serving of beef is low but you still feel like you get beef. I began looking at vegetarian diet meals to help us out. Hope this helps alittle. Good luck. a Gout diet is challenging. I have read that tart red cherries (20) daily assist a gout patient in lowering purines in the body. When he wants a burger-ish meal we can do salmon burgers or portabelle mushrooms.
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