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Re: random acts of kindness

I went to Dorney Park this year (shout out to anyone who knows Dorney Park), and my ex boyfriend and I were about to leave. We stopped at one of the basketball games and we noticed that one of the employees was walking very slowly and couldn't even pick up the basketballs.

He then went over behind the employee stand and slumped to the ground. We ran over behind the fence where he was and I asked if he was okay. He waved me away like "I'm fine", but I was worried. He was sweating like crazy and breathing heavily. My ex is an EMT so I tried to convince him to help the kid. But legally he couldn't do anything. So I hopped the fence and went over to help him. I helped him drink water, and I would rub cold water around his neck and on his forehead. My ex stood behind the fence tell me what to do. According to him, the kid was suffering from major dehydration. So bad that his hands were starting to curl.

A medical help team eventually came and they allowed me to come with them to first aid. My ex followed along. The medical team made him drink a lot of water as well as gave him some form of medicine. I forgot what it was. My ex acted like a supervisors for the EMTs at work. I sat beside the kid comforting him and patting his head with a cold rag.

Eventually he got better, and me and my ex gave him a big hug when he left.

I hope it doesn't seem that I'm bragging, 'cause I'm not. I never done anything like that before, and even I was impressed in myself that I did what I did. I felt so good to actually help someone.
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