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Re: Bugged by Christmas letter

Originally Posted by LucyVanPelt View Post
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Be proud of the work you do. There is NOTHING more important than being a good mother to your children!

Your step-mother tried to "usurp" you and sent a fake letter. This is her way of remaining in contact even when you've asked for no contact. Like KayKay said, everyone there knows that she's lying. To herself or to them? It doesn't matter. Everyone knows those newsletters are crap anyway-- just watch the episode on The Middle about them! Might I suggest you go outside and burn a copy of that newsletter? You may also need to consider leaving your dad go. He and his wife are a pair; if you want to go no contact with her, you may have to go no contact with him. I'm sorry.

But right now, the best thing you can do is laugh knowing that your stepmother made an *** out of herself, and focus on your children and husband.
Gosh you ladies make me feel so much better. I did feel this is her way to force me to be be in contact with her and felt angry even though it may not be her intent. I do think she wrote for reasons other than me, at least I hope. She just felt the need to brag about her life I guess. She and my dad moved down south for their retirement a couple years and just finished building a new house. And I just watched the Middle and it had that episode on I think the day I got the letter. Very funny! While I didn't burn the letter I did rip it up into tiny pieces, but good suggestion!

I know there may come a point in which contact with my dad stops as I can't take more behavior like what he has done in the past, the silent treatment when things don't go his way. He always gets weird about Thanksgiving through Christmas until my birthday when we gets himself together enough to talk to me again. Every year. I guess I am kind've riding it out and seeing what happens. I will remain in contact unless he gets nasty with me again which I know is a very good possibility since he will not accept that I want a relationship independent of his wife. I am trying to be fair about visits, knowing that she obviously lives that and I would not be rude to her but still don't know how I feel about her coming to my house for a weekend or more. If we go there we will be at a hotel. I guess I will cross that bridge when it comes. It is sad that I feel so unsure about if I can visit my dad anymore.

Feel much better about the dumb letter, it just doesn't matter. Have a happy holiday Lucy! Thank you for the support and for making me laugh.
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