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Re: My SIL Joked About Hitler?!!?

I can say from personal experience yaya, that when your not really on comfortable terms with someone, a lot of what they say and/or write, might seem offensive and not taken lightly by some...even if it wasn't meant to be offensive.

Lets try and back up and turn the tables for one moment, and think about it ...pretend your looking at it from the outside looking in, as a by stander....and you have not one bad feeling about this person, this sister in law.

Do you think you would have taken it so personal? Maybe, maybe not....if it were me, I would pass it by and move on and if it is on my timeline and offends me, I would simply delete it from my timeline. You can do that you know, and no words have to be spoken.

I honestly believe no one here was trying to judge you....they were trying to help....hope you believe that.

sending hugs

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