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Re: random acts of kindness

I believe a lot in paying it forward and do it often. Might not be money, but acts of kindness.

The other day there was a woman in distress in the parking lot of the grocery store. Her daughter was screaming in the backseat and she was trying to jumpstart her car from another. I told her to go comfort her daughter as I got her car started. She was soo thankful.

Another time there was a guy who's dog had gotten loose in a busy parking lot of the same grocery store. He was calling and calling him and she was freaking out with all the cars driving around.

I have some experience with animals, being I worked at our local Humane Society; along with a local rescue, and sat down on the grass away from the traffic; and when she was out of the way of traffic, I called out for her to sit and stay. Once she did that, I approached her slowly, telling her to stay..stay..and then to come, which she did.

Poor thing was soo frightened, but we got her to safety. The owner was soo very thankful and wondered why she wouldn't come to him and I explained that she felt his fear also..and wanted to come to him through all that traffic in order to ease HIS fear.

Our society needs to take a good look at themselves sometimes. Not ONE single person in that parking lot tried to help this individual except me. They were all either too busy talking on their cell phones..or too busy not to care.

Why is it that most people, unless it's their problem, decide that since it's not THEIR problem..choose to just go on with their busy lives??

I could write a book about how many times I've seen how people could pay it forward in their busy lives and it makes me sad that most just don't even notice..or don't care.

That's not me. I'll always do what I can.

I'd like to post a big pay it forward example:

One of my very best friends lost her husband several years ago. They stop whenever necessary to help a person in need; and on the date of his birthday, they go to a restaurant, choose a couple, and anonymously pay for their meal.

In addition, they have started a scholarship fund in his name for great students toward their college funds.

There are amazing people out there and it doesn't take money to start what it takes for someone else to pay it forward from someone else's kindness.

It just takes one to start..
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