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No gmos - really

after my recent find of a couple of nasty genes, I read, watched and scoured every piece of information I could. Made notes and sometimes sat just GODSMOCKED.

Personally, to me - it's not good. Not just for me - but for everyone that believes "everything is fine. No problem. No worries." for I was one too.

I become "healthy" due to a benign little white card my daughter handed to me after getting the mail. It was info from our local public library telling of a pesticide spray by a CROP DUSTER of our NEIGHBORHOOD for a MOTH we neither had presently nor ever. I am not sure why I found this to be important to our family, our neighborhood, etc. My daughter handed it to me saying "Mom, I think you should read this". And I did. I then attended the meetings at the local library to find out HOW this moth reproduced. And that was ALL. Nothing about the pesticide to fall on us for the FIRST time EVER in the existence of our town...or what to do, how to prepare, etc etc etc

So I read everything I could on this awful GMO spray from an airplace for a MOTH we did NOT even have issue with! ?? !! What? I attended another meeting in a nearby town to soon be sprayed and found each member of the dept of nat resources carrying side arms: GUNS. BIG UGLY UGLY guns in the library. And the presenter rambling on about the life cycle, the reproductive life cycle, about the MOTH. That WE DID NOT EVEN HAVE.

No one really cared. If the plane spewed kitty peepee all over their kids, cars, homes, schools, parks... didnt raise an issue. But this was a PESTICIDE. A killer that exploded stomachs of moths, butterflies, etc. for years and years and years. BTk foray whatever. From a HUGE corporation that OWNED many government agencies that are "to protect us."
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