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Old November 5th, 2017, 11:56 AM
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First post and living situation advice

Greetings all this is my first post on this site. Ive asked this on other forums with little reply and hope it would be different this time round haha. Firstly abit about myself, I am a 63 year old retiree and have been happily married the past 40 years. Most of my adult life had been spent living only with my wife minus the 19 years when the kids were growing up. I wouldn't say I'm a reclusive fellow but a solitary life in the countryside had been the norm. However, certain circumstances have led to me owning a house in the city and moving there while at the same time selling my previous home. The property previously belonged to a distant of cousin mine who had recently passed away and had entrusted the property to me as he was neither married nor had children or siblings thus making me one of his few closer relations. The large property to me at first seemed way too big for just the wife and I until several more circumstances had risen. Initially, we agreed to move in both my parents as well as my wife's parents who are all in their 80s along with my 107 year old grandmother in as the house contained several lower floor bed rooms and facilities designed to accommodate the elderly. However, a few weeks later we received a call from my daughter asking if she and her family could move in as her husband was moving his family business to the same city in which we were living. Thus we once again agreed as the property did have space for another family unit consisting of my daughter,her 2 kids, my son in law and his parents. Just when we thought we could settle in the hurricane struck and displaced several more relatives. And our biggest additions yet including my sister,her husband, their son and daughter in law, my brother,my wife's brother and sister in law, my wife's uncle and aunt as well as the 109 year old father of my earlier mentioned recently deceased cousin (who is my grandmother's elder brother) along with a professional care giver who in my cousin's will stated that I'd be given a sum of money to ensure that this caregiver remains paid so that he may assist the old man.

So there you have it five generations 24 of us in this one property. At the rate things are going I do see this as a long term arrangement. While there is space in terms of bedrooms, the house is designed in such a way that everyone's going to run into each other at some point of the day. Not to mention the fact that everyone has meals together. What I'd like to know is what we can do to ensure that this arrangement carries on smoothly as it does not seem to be changing any time soon. I'd love to hear from all of you and I can answer any queries you may have as well as update on our progress any chance I get.

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