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Old January 13th, 2015, 02:29 PM
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Do you think friendships can turn into more? Should i cut contact with him?

There is this guy that i have been talking to for a while now and we get on so well. I feel like i have known him forever and we have shared so much with each other and feel comfortable doing so. We met up and went for dinner one particular night. A few days ago he told me he really likes me as a person, finds me incredibly attractive, but he doesn't see a relationship based off of certain things. I think i reminded him a little bit of his ex who was very self conscious and lacked confidence. He said he was concerned that i would need constant reassurance and worry in a relationship.

Unless he was breaking it to my easy, he does appear to find me attractive and i feel there is extreme sexual desire between both of us, but the issue is i feel like i am way more invested in him than he is with me obviously, although i don't know if i could ever see a relationship potential because he does seem to view things so very different to me and casually, but i do still have feelings for him.

I wondered about whether we could have a fwb type situation. He never mentioned this once to me, but due to the sexual attraction between us i wondered, but of course the other side of me thinks it is a bad move because it will probably make me like him more and when he doesn't feel the same i will feel hurt and it will probably ruin the friendship.

So my question is, do you think i am too much in the friendzone? I would love for something to develop and maybe it would change both of our behaviors. I thought it was a bit of a snap decision to decide after one date he didn't see relationship potential, and when he talks to me i can't seem to shake off the whole really liking him thing.

Another thing is that when i don't feel someone could be a potential relationship i tend to be extremely laid back. I wondered if this could possibly make him start to like me if we are just friends, and part of me hopes it could. He is such a great person, and i don't not want him in my life at all but i am wondering if there is there a way to deal with this?

Do you think cutting off all contact would be better for me? I really don't want to but i just feel more time spent with him as friends will make my feelings grow. I just feel in a bit of a dilemma. He is constantly reaching out and talking to me.
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