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Old March 13th, 2015, 09:54 PM
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Re: how can i improve my english

Listen to audio or watch your favorite show or movie in the language you intend to speak, and as the characters speak, repeat loudly and simultaneously with them. Do not focus on the pronunciation at the first go, just keep repeating the process and you will develop it eventually.
Hear your own voice. While many experts suggest to practice talking in front of a mirror, I personally feel that while you look at yourself and talk simultaneously, you do multitasking thus compromising one over the other. Hence, I suggest, based on experience of my students, that you use Audacity (Free Audio Editor and Recorder). It is free, open source, cross-platform audio editor and better than simple recording apps. You can get good indication of your voice modulation (pitch-high/low), pronunciation and speed of talking.
Talk to people you interact with on daily basis. Please don't just wait to meet the people in your language class to test the result of your experiment. Do remember, it is a continuous process and if you don't follow, your pace of learning would be slow.
Read, read as much as you can. If your are not an avid reader, start with simple novel, it will not only entertain you, but also improve your language sense and vocabulary and this in turn adds to your confidence to express. Many people suggest to learn 10-15 words/day from dictionary. Well this doesn't really help. The best way to add new words to your vocabulary is by reading, as at that time, you have a context established thus making the word more likely to to get registered in your memory. You can also do theme based reading for adding specific vocabulary, for e.g. Politics. If you want to go still further try to learn words form their roots, for e.g. Ego is root to many words like Egomaniac, Egocentric etc. Word Power by Norman Lewis is a good source for learning words form roots (English language).
Practice, Practice,Practice!! Nothing can substitute that. Practice in real time environment, with real people often.
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