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Old December 14th, 2014, 05:12 PM
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New Healthy Energy Drink Alternative

This is my last year in college and I have been trying to figure out what it is I want to be doing with my life. Going back to my days in high school, I had two best friends on my gymnastics team, Alex and Jordan. Alex quit gymnastics to start wrestling and Jordan and I didn’t see him as often as we wanted to. One day before Jordan and I had practice, Alex invited us over to hang out. He told us he had this tea called **advertising removed by moderator** that he wanted us to try. When we got to his house we climbed up to his roof and he had laid out a bunch of beach chairs so we could chill out under the sun. He also had a weird looking cup and straw on a table in the middle of it all. This was the perfect set up for Alex because he is the more spiritual one of us all. He has never had very much in life, his family scrapes by one month at a time and he is the most genuinely happy person that I know. That is why when we asked what **advertising removed by moderator** was we knew we were in for a story.
**advertising removed by moderator** is a traditionally drank in South America for it’s health benefits. People stop working for a particular time of the day to share the straw and cup thing Alex had which is really called a gourd and bombilla. Inside this contraption is the **advertising removed by moderator** tea. In South America, people drink it over hot water and are meant to bring people together. When someone invites you to share some **advertising removed by moderator**, they are inviting you into their lives. This tea is meant to be revitalizing, and while you feel the balance of caffeine with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you’ll feel at your best. While you feel at your best, you open up and share more than just **advertising removed by moderator**, you begin sharing stories. This leads to friendships being made or growing stronger.
That day Alex invited us up to his roof; he was inviting us back into his life. Alex loved the tradition of it all, on top of the healthy energy he got. However, he didn’t pour hot water into the gourd, he poured cold lemonade. On a hot sunny day in California, it hit the spot. We began passing the gourd around and catching up. We laughed, we joked, and we felt like Alex had never left. That day we felt so alive and in the moment. We took a portion of our busy day to stop and enjoy the company of others over this tea. This is an aspect of life you don’t get in the US. Everyone is always in a hurry in order to have a better future instead of appreciating the moment.
That was a day that changed my life. Jordan and I had a great practice that day because we were full of energy and rejuvenated at the fact that we had a great day with Alex. Our tea parties quickly became a routine and Alex was back in our lives. From that day forward we knew this tea was special and that our friendship was to show of it. We introduced it to many others during the course of our high school career, and we always had the same effect. Friendship just came along with this tea. It became our mission when we all left for college that one day we could share this product with the world so everyone could be a friend.
Now that we’re almost done with college, we have started thinking about our futures. We all have continued to drink and share **advertising removed by moderator** with our teammates and friends, but we haven’t yet shared it with the world. We realized that this would be the best time for us to start on that task we set out to do many years ago. With one year left in college, we began the company **advertising removed by moderator**.
We realized that the US isn’t as traditional as South America. Everyone is always in a hurry and speed sells. We wanted to keep our mission of sharing and bonding, but appeal to the US market. We decided to can our product. We want to sell our beverage in gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, so that it could be readily available for all. Our way of keeping the friendship and bonding was to give the message that when you drink a can of our **advertising removed by moderator**, you are sharing it with us. Whatever you are trying to accomplish, you will not be alone. Opening a can of **advertising removed by moderator**, you are joining a family of people that cares about you’re well being and your stories. We want to hear about your life so we’re creating on our website a part for you to share what makes you the person you are, while drinking **advertising removed by moderator**.

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Old December 14th, 2014, 05:34 PM
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Re: New Healthy Energy Drink Alternative

Cool story, but we have a no advertising policy at our forum. Good luck to you.
Expecto Patronum!
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Old December 15th, 2014, 12:47 PM
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Re: New Healthy Energy Drink Alternative

That's some moderating KK!

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