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Old December 27th, 2015, 05:55 PM
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I have a new hair cut .... its short, well shorter than I had

I'm planning on wearing makeup again. I was just too lazy to bother & need to find a new brand that works for me (age & budget). What I used to get...may have been fine years ago, but no longer works on graying me. I go to makeup counters as what I like doesn't always look good on me, and I'd rather try it out than get something that flops.

I also want to get some boots .... that actually fit me.

I also need tights that will fit my build .... I have narrow hips, but a big booty ... the tights I just bought .... well, I've worn them once and the back seams are pulling out

(I'll take suggestions of where/what to look for in makeup, tights, and leggings)
once burned, twice shy

He who ignores history is condemed to repeat it!
(it also means you weren't smart enough to learn from your mistakes )
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