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Old March 25th, 2017, 07:08 PM
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How do I deal with my spouse?

She is good as long as my parents topic won't come into the picture. My parents are dependent at this old page. I've been sending money monthly little bit for their expenses. Recently, my father met with an accident and I took care of the expenses in the hospital. I've two elder brothers but since their financial status was not good, they did not contribute anything. This made my wife upset, she directly contacted one of our brother's family and asked for the contribution. Since then, the relationship with my brother was broken. My parents are in terrible conditions now as the other elder brother made a financial mess in his business and now parents are suffering with the criticism from his lenders although they are innocent in this case.

I really want to help my parents if not my brother, for e.g. I want to sell the current house where they are staying (that's on my name), and pay some money out of that to the lenders and asking parents to go to some place where they can live peacefully. I did not tell this plan to my wife as I know her attitude, she will never agree. Since I fully paid the hospital payments, now, she wants to track each expenses in my account closely, and she is insisting me to transfer all the money I've in my account to hers.

I've not seen such an aggressive personality in my life, I found a wrong match I feel sometimes. I've two kids now. Seeing them, I'm adjusting. I did transfer some money to satisfy her. But now she wants everything. I can do that. With that, I can't have anything to help my parents, and I can't convince her to sell the house although I've all the rights on that house.

Life seems to be emotion less to me, and sometimes I feel frustrated when I feel my parents gave me good life, and I just can't help them because of my partner. How do I convince her to help my parents? I'm even Ok to transfer to her parents the money whatever is required. But she seems to be stubborn.
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