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Old November 19th, 2017, 02:30 PM
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Smile Right or wrong and what to do?

First thing first, sorry for the grammar mistakes. Do point out if you see one, cuz I ain't good at english :L And sorry for the loooong post.

Hi, I'm from Southeast Asia so probably the way family functions here is different from the west. btw i'm new here.

My Mum passed away on 2015 and a year later or maybe 2 yrs later my Dad remarried. I have 2 elder sisters with me and we all age around late 20s to early 40s. The 1st eldest sister is intellectually disabled. Before my dad remarried, I took care of the house and cooked us food since I was unemployed.

Now months before this 2nd marriage, my elder sister saw a female ID card inside his car's front compartment (My dad always fetched my elder sister from work at night.) So 2nd eldest sister asked him whose card is this and he said/lied that it is his friend's card.(He was finding a new wife for sure...) My 2nd eldest sister felt suspicious about his answer but she brushed it off and never told me.

FYI he never make out or do bad things with his girl 'friend' though.

Now back to the story...a few months later after that ID card incident my dad said he wanted to marry this 'friend' of his and asked for our opinion. I said I don't give a damn because I know my dad was a good man and did many good deeds. So he will choose wisely and correctly, right? No, and I regretted saying that I didn't care.

My 2nd eldest sister gave a clever answer reminding him to not forget about us. It was a warning for him obviously.

Sped up, Dad was engaged with this woman and asked us three girls to meet our future step-momma. My 2nd eldest sister already got that heebie jeebies sensation from her. The woman said she knew my mom before, back in the 80's and 90's and said I looked like my mom and said she loved me(wth we just met and you spout weird things like this?)

Then she started giving us gifts(old and almost expired food.) to soften our hearts. My 2nd eldest sister told me this "She is just acting and pretending. I promise you after this marriage. All that giving gifts will go away." And she was right.

After the marriage, the nightmare for us children happened. This woman, stopped her gifts(which I don't care btw. They're mostly expired.eew)

She have bad personal hygiene. The clothes she wore stank and if you sit in the car with her, you can smell it. She burped at dinner, in the car and at anywhere if she felt like it without any consideration for anyone who might smell it. She didn't flush after using the toilet and let the whole bathroom stank of her piss. Dad joined too. Hooray!!She cooked food the day before and never reheated it for the guests to eat(I got tummy ache and fever after eating her food.)She had her own house and every time she came home to dad's house everything is a mess! I have to clean it up.She looked messy in whatever clothes she wore and I don't know why...:L

She didn't act civilize when need be. When she ate, I cringed. I couldn't pin point where but I know civilized people don't eat the way she does. She laughed loudly all the time at every single thing even at public areas until someone mocked her for it. Even my aunts at my mom's side questioned this behavior of hers. She took the food I cooked even after I said I'll give it to her later. She ate my food that my dad bought for me. She even ate my dad's food I think. Liked to have large amount of food but when unfinished(like all the time) she tossed it to dad or to my other low IQ sister. My 2nd eldest sister told me this woman asked her a question about her job and when she tried to explain it to her, the woman turned away not listening. She didn't care what people have to say. She never talked to us. She only wanted my dad.

She disliked personal growth but love wasting time and play. My dad asked her on why she doesn't want to improve her knowledge about anything and she replied she's 50yrs old and done with studying.(My elder sis and I were staring at each other when she said that. We were like wuuut? fo real? I mean we study all the time! My mum was 60 and still studying.) She listened to music on her phone and sang loudly while watching tv cuz dad ain't around.

She disrespected people and never listened. She said no to everything my dad said if it didn't please her. She kept saying 'I hate it when you said/do like that' to my dad<<singlish. And told my dad to take the food for her and washed the plate. She fixed all these by saying something sweet to him for being her slave. lol XD She was bossy to our tour guide. Loved my dad coddling her and she acted like a child. Throwing a fit if he ain't listening. She gave a passive aggressive behavior to me when the rice pot was empty. You mad, bra?

She is irresponsible. She never did household chores even when I got a job and have to go to work. The house is a mess AND smelly.

But the nightmare didn't end there. My dad has become a copy of this woman, but my 2nd eldest sister and I thought that maybe dad was always like this and mum always corrected him sternly. You named it, bad personal hygiene, uncivilized, disrespectful to us by insulting us and quarreling with us.and having no eagerness to improve oneself.(He once loved to read books but now...)

You know, when you lived too close with this kind of people, your brain will try to follow what your step/parent did. My intellectually disabled 1st sister and 2nd elder sister very well damn follow this woman's antiques! So I told my 2nd elder sister about how she was slowly following this woman, she said she was sorry and corrected herself after that. Man, she was scared when I told her that.

So my 2nd eldest sis and I cooked up a plan to stay away from these so-called parents for good. We wanted this woman to not come to our house. She did anyways with dad at her side of course. But came only 3 days in a week. My 2nd eldest sister and I didn't want to get influenced by these bad behaviors and quarreling with dad all the time(he always insulted my food and belittle our probs when we asked for help. Gets angry when we said he is wrong.)

There is no teamwork in this family, no sense of understanding and respect. Everything is selfish and fake we're ok family!! grin grin grin Am I a bad person for doing this? What should I do when I know these parents preferred to be ignorant and uncivilized? Breaks my heart to see my dad turned out this way
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ignorant dad, selfish stepmom

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