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Old June 7th, 2017, 04:27 PM
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HUGE fight between friends! Plz help

Hey guys,
My name is Ashley and I am 17. So since middle school I was always great friends with this girl Jordan. She was so nice and she lived on my street and we played together/hung out everyday. At school I was good friends with Rory and Melissa. Jordan was friends with them too and all 4 of our were good friends, until 2 years ago Jordan moved away across the country cuz her dad is like a CEO of some company.

Anyways I talked to Jordan online and on social media and we found out shes coming back! We were soo excited and had a big welcome back party since shes gonna be moving back near me and going back to our school!

Ok everyone was there and Jordan walked in and she was wearing like a long flowing black shawl. Jordan was always SO skinny before we moved. Her face looked a lot fuller and like her arms and stuff but I didnt care and other people were like surprised by her face too.

Ok later we all were sitting and eating and talking and Rory and Melissa came and I was SO happy to see them cuz they've been my best friends since Jordan left. And they were being SO weird with Jordan, like they kept looking at her weird then looking at each other and laughing. Jordan definitely gained a LOT of weight since shes been gone but whatever!!! They got up and left and went to the bathroom and I was talking to Jordan. She was saying shes been so stressed out since she left and like all she did was stay home and eat cuz she had no friends when she moved and now shes so happy to be back.

Then I went in the bathroom to talk to ROry and Melissa cuz IDK Why they were laughing. And then as soon as I walked in they were like "OMG ASHLEY, what happened to Jordan? shes sooo obsese now". Then Rory was on Instagram showing me how Jordan went to a fat camp or whatever but I told them I DONT CARE like who cares if shes fat or not?? We should be happy shes back

I was upset and I went back and Jordan was like omg why are you upset!! And I told her what they said and she was pissed.

We went back to the table cuz they got Jordan a cake and later we were sitting and eating together and Rory and Melissa came. And Jordan was like "OH go ahead you guys laugh at me for eating cake" then they tried to pretend like they never said anything about her!! Jordan was SO mad she was cussing at them and they were all looking and then she THREW her glass plate of cake across the table at Rory and called her a f**** b****!!! I was SO shocked and then the restaurant manager came and stopped Jordan and everyone was SHOCKED.

I talked to Jordan after and she was crying and upset and ROry and Melissa havent talked to me yet. But like everyone is pissed at Jordan for throwing the plate cuz it broke and cut Melissa's arm.

What should I DO?
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Old June 7th, 2017, 05:10 PM
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Re: HUGE fight between friends! Plz help

Jordan was really hurt, and you actually carried the gossip that hurt her. You owe Jordan an apology. Jordan demonstrated an emotional immaturity by throwing the plate, causing someone else to be injured. She owes Melissa an apology. And Melissa and Rory owe Jordan an apology for fat shaming her. No one in this situation is innocent.

You should do your best to be supportive of everyone while saying nothing negative about anyone. It won't be easy, but can you do that? Perhaps you have a school guidance counselor who can help?
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