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Old May 7th, 2008, 10:37 PM
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I need ideas!

Here's the brief scenario:

BF (the one who lets firemen into my house and picks up my DD from volleyball games even though she has to leave her DS's football game to do it...) never complains (that's what *I* bring to the relationship! LOL) - she is one of those stoic souls. Sigh.

Her MIL has been going through chemo in our town for a few months and staying at BF's house during her treatments. BF looks at this as a wonderful opportunity to get to know her MIL (BF and her DH have only been married 20 years...) and "spoil her", and for her kids to understand what it's like to make sacrifices for someone else. Okay, that's good.

Well, the MIL isn't doing so hot. They've stopped the chemo treatments and are going to do surgery on her. However, before they do surgery, they want MIL to stay in the hospital for 10 days to get her strength up. BF won't let MIL sit by herself... she is spending her (last few precious) days (before summer vacation) bedside with MIL.

So here's what I want to do. Obviously, no one is going to be putting a whole lot of thought into M Day for my BF. And IMO, my BF is the consummate everyone-else-comes-first (but no martyr complex) M who *deserves* to be thought of on M Day. I'm close enough to her kids (her ODD12 and I text every so often) that I could arrange something for my friend from her kids (with their assistance).

Should I? Or is that overstepping?

And if so, what? BF doesn't like flowers, she doesn't "need" anything, they don't enjoy eating out the way I do... For her birthday every year I get "practical" gifts... a gift certificate to a car wash one year, a cell phone charger another... She's a very practical, low-maintenance woman. I really think she'd like something like a promise to put the laundry away for a week or such. (Or is that MY ideal gift?)

Any ideas?
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