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Old December 29th, 2017, 01:01 PM
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Brother In Law Issue

About 2 weeks before Christmas my brother in law who is my husbands brother reached out to my husband about a photo blanket gift he wanted to give their Mom for Christmas. My husband clearly let me know that my BIL was really upset because the project went wrong.
It seems the photo that my BIL submitted I was left off how it was arranged. Was i hurt by this? Yes my feeling were hurt since there was no mention that it would be replaced.
On Christmas day when the gift was given to my MIL I quickly scanned the blanket to see if maybe it was a new one and I was still not on it.
So here is the twist, I have a 20 year old son from my previous relationship and he was not on this blaket either. Here is twist 2, the photo that my husband told me was arranged in error I was never originally in this photo of my husband and our 2 year old son because I have a copy of the photo. Everyone else in the family is on this blanket. My husbamd does not see what the big deal is or why I have hurt feelings. Should I express this to my BIL?

My MIL has hung ip this blanket so now everytime I walk into her house its the first thing you see. I cry everyday after picking up my 2 year old on the way home because it really hurts that me nor my son is not on it.
My BIL also has a step son and he is included on this blanket.
I would not feel bad had my other son been on it since we have been together/ married for 10 years.
Any advise would help please

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