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Old June 21st, 2018, 11:02 AM
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I think my mom might be jealous of my new relationship

I feel like I can no longer talk about my new relationship with my mom.

Just a little background: I'm 32 yeas old. He's 31 and my mom is 51.

I've been seeing this guy for about two months. We're both divorcees. For the first time in a really long time, I am actually very happy; individually and with this new guy. I'm living on my own for the first time ever, I have a great job, and I feel so happy and free! I do like to talk about him and yeah, sometimes a little too much, but I can't help it. So if I bring him up my mom becomes very immature, bratty, and will mock whatever I say. It sucks because I want her to be happy for me. I think back at all the nights I was on the phone with her crying over my ex-husband doing this and that and me being so miserable.

My mom has been single for a very long time. She's had on and off relationships since her and my dad divorced. She's been bitter about it forever and it seems to be everyone else's responsibility to find her a man. She is incredibly picky and she treats the guys that she dates like garbage. :-/ As terrible as it sounds, I don't think she's ever going to find anyone who will want to live with that. I love my mom and I want her to find someone and I want her to be happy. She's worthy of love and companionship just like everyone else. Since the last guy and that was like 5+ years ago, she's been pessimistic and bitter and has pretty much given up. So she globs onto me and even with me dating this new guy, she wants to come on our dates. We just had a discussion that she can't come on our dates. That's weird in my opinion. If we wanted to do a dinner or go to an event that she could come to then of course she'd be invited. I just think it's too soon right now. We've only been dating for two months. I don't know what everyone else's opinion is on that, but for me it feels too soon.

My mom and I have always had a rocky relationship. I've bent over backwards for her, but she doesn't always treat me right, but I'm not perfect. I've done my fair share when I was a kid and she has admitted that she doesn't always like my life choices. She didn't want me to get married and she didn't want me to divorced. Lol. I've always had to be a bit reserved with her for fear that she would judge me harshly, which she has in the past. So, I've learned from that.

It just kind of sucks because I feel like I can't talk to her about anything and especially not my love life.
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