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Old March 27th, 2018, 04:43 PM
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How can I get her back?

My close friend and I travelled together for university abroad. She wanted to leave everything behind and start a new life with me. She was suicidal and miserable, and I promised I'd take care of her.

I paid her flight ticket, her dorm, food and bought her new clothes.
I also covered a bit of her tuition.
I'm not some spoiled, rich kid. This was all from my own salary.(her family's financial situation was bad)

One night I got drunk. Accidentally, I kissed her neck and I remember her pulling me in closer. However I pushed her off and got aggressive and we ended up fighting. Then 2 of my friends came to see what's going on. Out of anger, I screamed at her "I'm paying everything for you and you don't appreciate anything!"

After this incident,we argued a lot.
She started distancing herself, not wanting us to sleep together in the same bed or cuddle how we used to. She said she was afraid of me. She would get physical sometimes, and pull my hair or bite me so hard she'd leave marks.

She decided to move in with our other friend and we barely spoke. I noticed that she was going around to random people and telling them stories that I've abused and harassed her.
Then I decided to go to her and apologize and try to fix things. She held my hand and said "we tried and it won't work out. I don't want you. I feel nothing for you anymore." When I asked her what I've done to deserve this, she replied "I cared about you. And I was in love with you" after a pause she continued fast "as a friend."
I started crying, she wiped my tears and hugged me.

She also said "im not worth for you to cry over. Why me? And let me teach you something, if someone doesn't want you, don't try to fix it. What's broken once can't be fixed."
She also said she's really over me.
I want to understand, what logical reason would it be for her to do this? I felt hurt that I sacrificed so much and she never appreciated a single thing. I wanted to give her all the things I was deprived of my entire life. I didn't mean to use it against her, but I felt hurt how she never appreciated anything

It reached a limit when she once said to me " I hope you die already." I took it really badly because I had attempted earlier with a drug overdose after one of our fights. She was there and she broke down crying asking me not to leave her.

Anyway after she said those words, I lunged at her and we started fighting on the street. Then she started screaming for help and called cops on me.
I stayed away from her after that. And then I started regretting and missing her. I started drinking more and cutting my wrists to repent.

I feel extremely guilty and upset and I don't know what to do
Old March 27th, 2018, 05:46 PM
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Re: How can I get her back?

Anon97, if your school has a department which offers counseling for students, you need to go there. You need help dealing with your heartbreak and other life issues, and a bunch of internet strangers will come up woefully short.

We have forum rules here http://www.friendsandfamilyforum.com...aq_forum_rules and among those rules is that discussions of suicide and self-harm are not allowed. We are not equipped to handle that here. Please contact your local Suicide Prevention Hotline.

I am going to lock this thread because it does not follow forum rules and puts other forum members in a precarious position. Please feel free to start another thread if you'd like advice, but please know that there is a limit to what we can help with.
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