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Old January 1st, 2015, 06:19 PM
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Smile Re: Did I make a mistake

Something else to think about is that there is no perfect person or partner. Why not be happy with the woman you married?, unless you have really just grown in different directions or either one has done something bad to the other,that the other person can't forgive, whats the reason to split?

How long have you been married?, marriage goes through many stages, yes we all get a little bored sometimes, but thats all part of it. We have to concentrate on what we love and like about the other person, after all we did marry them. Ive been married 15 years, and I can think of many stages our relationship has travelled through,and we have learnt many things about patience, compromise, acceptance and many, many more.Its also quite normal to find other people attractive while we are married, but we just say, ok thats a good looking person and that's it end of.

My husband works in bands so he has had many chances to cheat,with pretty girls throwing themselves at musicians,the bands have gorgeous dancers up on stage with them too,and because groupies like to been seen with one or its cool to some. I asked him why he didnt just sleep around,and he said well thats ok if you can be bothered, and you can have sex with anyone, but you can only find love with one person, and you can be gigolo, and loser along with it, never being able to commit, or having anything.

Hubby said he looks forward to going home to his wife and children that love him, his family.

So I think theres a big difference in fantasizing about another person, but playing house with them wont be nearly as exciting, or what you thought it would be.

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