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Old February 20th, 2016, 08:51 AM
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Re: how to kick out step daughter

Originally Posted by jigar View Post
But when you jus marry with lots of dreams and a little <remove vulgarity> comes and make every dreams such a horrible life, you will hate her . pls help me how to find a solution when she turns 18 and get her out of home. help pls

(1) The little girl didn't "come" - she was already there. You chose to make her part of your life.
(2) If your dreams could be ruined by a child, your dreams were not well thought out to begin with. That is not the child's fault.
(3) "Hate" is a very strong word, and not typically used concerning children. It may be a language issue - do you mean "jealous?"

How does your husband feel about this? Is your marriage suffering because he is angry that you have such feelings about his daughter? Does he resent you?

She will leave on her own when she turns 18. You will not need to do anything to make it happen and it is very unsettling that you want to make such plots.

The only solution is for you to forget your dreams and leave your horrible life. Your daughter is legally your husband's responsibility. Legally and morally, he must provide a home for her. You would be wise to never come between them and never cause him to shirk his moral responsibility. If you feel so strongly about a 14 year old child that you are trying to figure out how to kick her out of the house when she turns 18, YOU need to leave. The problem will not automatically solve itself when she leaves the house.

She may no longer live with you after she is 18, but she will always be your husband's daughter. He will always feel love and responsibility for her, and she will always be part of his life. Eventually she will marry and have her own family and your husband will want to know his grandchildren. There will always be a connection there that your dreams can not remove, and unfortunately the more she struggles with her adulthood the guiltier he will feel for raising her in a home with a stepmother who hated her.
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