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Old August 28th, 2009, 09:34 AM
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disrespectful step son

Here's my dilemma, Where do I start? I have a 22 year old step son that has gone off to a local college. This summer he lived at home (no job, major slob) and pretty much bummed all summer long. He's very nomadic, moving from the dorms to an apartment then back home now back to the dorms.
To make a long story short, during the summer his 18 year old girlfriend on ocassion would spend the night with him having sex at the house. evidenced by the condoms,wrappers and other gross things (I'll spare you the details.) I had a talk with his mother about it and told her I felt it was very disrespectful, finally, she talked with him and the overnights stopped. Now he is moving back to the dorms (thanks god!) however, when he feels the urge for sex he tells his mom that he needs to study at home (too noisy in the dorms) and bring his girlfriend over and spends the night however she leaves after the sex. Am I being old fashioned? and should just let it go, or do I have a right to be upset and uncomfortable in my own house? his mother is very Naive and can't see past her heart.
There's other things that drive me crazy, his sense of entitlement is out of whack, he takes things (24 packs of pack, mouthwash etc.) without permission. We find out the hard way when we go to use it. His mother sees no problem with it and defends him when I talk to her about it.
Before we married I took a class on parenting step kids and was told to
go to the mother if there are problems and she should work it out with the kids.


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