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Old April 4th, 2018, 11:05 AM
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My MIL hates me

My husband and I have been married 8 years now. Ever since we first started dating my MIL and FIL have done crazy things to me. I've always been really sweet to them. We will start with the second time i ever met my FIL. The first time, we went shooting and my husband was teaching me to shoot. I explained to his family I'd only ever held a gun once before but was afraid to pull the trigger. So back to the second meeting. We walk in their house and he greets me as "hi liar thats dating my son". Wait, what? Why am I a liar sir? "Because you said you'd never shot a gun before but I got on your facebook and saw a picture of you holding a gun. I said uh yeah remember the story we talked about for 10 min of I held it but was afraid to shoot? "Yes." Well thats the picture. "Whatever youre still a Liar."

Now we will skip to the fact that my mother in law bought a black dress for my wedding. We got married in their backyard and she cried the whole time. Refused to let my guests use the restroom and made them go to a port-a-potty over a 100 yards into the woods!!! Imagine my wedding day guests all dressed up in heels and nice clothes walking through leaves and brush to use a port-a-potty! She also wouldn't unlock any bedroom to let me change into my wedding dress.

Skip to present day and MANY MANY incidents later. She continues with desperate attempts to get me in trouble. We went to church for easter and against my better judgement I invited them. We get there and they're no where to be found. My husband calls her, they're waiting at the restaurant. Wait what? What about church? "Your wife said to meet at this restaurant and we'd all ride together. She is trying to make it so we don't show up I guess" (Lets not forget I INVITED THEM!! so if i didn't want them to show up i would've just not invited them at all) Thank goodness I've learned to save my text messages. So I showed my husband all the texts between us. They clearly stated meet us at the church lobby and after church we can go to lunch together somewhere. She got to the church and continued saying I'd done it on purpose. My husband confronted her and showed her the texts. She started to cry because she was angry at me I beat her at her own game. She didn't have an explanation and stomped off refusing to speak to me.
Yesterday she lied to me when i asked her if she'd seen a post on fb and said she is never on fb and doesn't know how to use it. I guess thats half true bc fb said she was last active 3 minutes prior to me asking and I saw that she commented in length on several other people's facebook posts. So she must not understand fb shows these things.
Additionally last week we had a loooong conversation about my sister being pregnant. She saw my sister after our conversation and said to her "Wow i had no idea you're pregnant! My daughter in law never tells me anything"

Now keep in mind this woman is not old. She just turned 50. She is not forgetful and does not have dementia. She is just a liar. Anyone else have these issues? I deal with everything from fielding her lies about me to others to fighting with her bc I tell my kids they can't have milk bc they're allergic and she bringing them home covered in hives bc she gave them milk and sees no issues.

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