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Old June 5th, 2014, 08:34 AM
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When a puppy picks you

When I was growing up I always knew my DM liked animals, my DD liked them but they never really claimed any. My DM never liked having animals in the house and seemed annoyed when we asked to have a cat or other house pet.

My DM and DD went to visit my DMís family about ten years ago and called me to check in when they were about 100 miles from home on the way back.

I decided to get ready and go to their house to see them when they returned and got there about 10 minutes before they did. When my mom opened her door a little white and tan cocker spaniel pup hopped out and was running around.

He was the cutest little guy. I asked my mother why she got a puppy, she told me that she went to a flea market, there was a man selling them and she was just going by when that puppy got out of his box and came straight to her.

She was not going to buy a dog, did not really want one at the time. But, the little puppy would not let her leave. He cried and made such a fuss every time she tried to leave that the man selling the puppies said she could have him for free since he wanted to go with her so badly.

He has been the most loyal little dog I have ever seen. I have had to feed him when my DM has been in the hospital a few times and when she is not home he is depressed. As soon as she comes home he is back to his old happy self.

I have a sister I do not get along with very well, we tolerate each other most of the time. She was divorced a few years ago and moved in with my parents and brought her dachshund (weenie dog) that happened to be a female.

My DMís and sisterís dogs had a batch of puppies together and most looked like the mother, little black and tan weenie dogs. While visiting with my mom, they were in a box next to where she was sitting when the oddest little puppy decided to do what his father had done.

One of the puppies looked like a blue tick or (coonhound) and he just had to go home with me. I was not wanting a dog at the time but he is a crazy little guy that makes me laugh. It was the first time I ever let a dog choose me as itís owner. Best one ever.
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Old June 5th, 2014, 09:42 AM
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Re: When a puppy picks you

I love that story. We have three cats and one of them chose us. Two of the cats came from the animal shelter and we were happy with those two. About three years later, I was dropping DS off at a friend's house and an adorable little orange kitten came trotting up the street to meet us. The friend's mother knew that his momma was a stray and told us we should take him home. Nope. I already had two cats and wasn't in the market for another. A couple of hours later when I went to pick DS up, here comes the little street urchin trotting towards us again. There were several kids and several adults and the kitten seemed to know to come to me. He went back and forth between me, my DS, and my DD, pretty much ignoring all of the other people, and followed us to our car. The friend's mom managed to convince me that his life on the streets would be cut short, a fact I could attest to due to the high number of dead cats on the road at any given point in her neighborhood.

He came home with us and has been everyone's favorite cat since. He LOVES his people.
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